Patricia L. Buell
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Superintendent of Schools

***Revised Meeting Location Notice***

The Brooklyn Board of Education will hold its regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 @ 7:00 PM.  This meeting will begin at 7:00 pm in the Brooklyn Elementary School, room A5 - STEAM Room.  At 7:15 pm the meeting will resume in the Central Office Community Room.

September 2018

‚ÄčDear Students, Families, Staff and Community,

It is wonderful to have the students back in school working hard!  After a few very hot and humid days, we are glad to be in the swing of full days and weeks of school!  Brooklyn Public Schools serves students PK-8 on the beautiful campus at 119 Gorman Road, Brooklyn, CT. Brooklyn Elementary School, PK-4, and Brooklyn Middle School, grade 5-8 has very dedicated staff who are working to meet the needs of students.  We are proud to report that we have a STEAM program in grades PK-4 and the computer teacher at the middle school is finding ways to incorporate some STEAM activities into the specials rotation.  

We are working hard to learn the Teachers College Readers and Writers workshop model of instruction which allows teachers to teach the fundamental skills in both reading and writing while providing differentiated instruction.  This model of instruction in reading teaches students how to choose "just right books" that interest them.  When students read just right books they are able to develop reading skills, vocabulary and fluency with books that are challenging but not too challenging.  Teachers are able to provide instruction based on the skills students need to learn to advance to more challenging reading levels.  Teachers are trained based on the learning progressions that students typically develop and use mini lessons to teach skills and then while students work on their reading skills independently, building their stamina, teachers are able to rotate through the room to conference and instruct students based on their individual needs.  This year every classroom began with new classroom libraries.  We hope that students will find many exciting books to read.   

This year, Saturday, October 20th the PTO is sponsoring a Color Run as their major fundraising activity.  This great family day will include food, music and a fun run!  On the same day, some of our teachers and administrators will be traveling to New York City to attend a huge event at Teachers College; The Readers and Writers Saturday Reunion!  They will be attending a keynote speaker and then have a choice of many different breakout sessions to attend and fine tune their teaching strategies to improve their practice.  Teachers in Brooklyn are very dedicated and give of their time to support students and families at the Color Run and spend a long day traveling to NYC to improve their teaching skills.  I am very proud to be part of the Brooklyn Public Schools!


Patricia L. Buell